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Slide yourDesiCart From India to The World Your Shopping Friend from India Buy anything in India and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

How to get yourDesiCart @ your doorstep Worldwide?


Signup - Get yourDesiCart Locker Address To Store purchases in India temporarily.


Shop - Shop From Any Store In India And Ship To YourDesiCart Locker Address. Avail 'Personal Shopper', 'Pickup', Tailoring' Service To Explore Endless Shopping Avenues In India.


Relax - We Will Receive Your Purchases, Inspect Them, Consolidate Into One Package To Save Costs And Ship Them To Your Doorstep WorldWide


Receive - Receive At Your Doorstep In 3-7 Days. Enjoy YourDesiCart Sitting Miles Away From India!

First Time Using YourDesiCart? Answers To Most Of Your Questions Are Here

Wondering what can we buy from India? Almost everything!!!

You can shop from anywhere in India, here are some Indian Online sites we recommend

What is yourDesiCart?

yourDesiCart is your shopping friend from India, that facilitates shopping from India and shipping worldwide. It can facilitate shopping from online sites, local stores, vendors, package pickups. Either you can shop yourself and ship items to yourDesiCart India Locker or use yourDesiCart Personal Shoppers to shop on your behalf from India.
Shop & Ship anything from India.

Do I get a locker in India to store my purchases?

Yes, Signup and get yourDesiCart India Locker address to store items purchased in India

Can you manage my online orders in India?

Yes, shop from anywhere in India and ship to yourDesiCart India Locker address. We will Track, Inspect, Consolidate, Pack & Ship to your doorstep worldwide.

Can you pickup package from my home in India?

Absolutely yes! we can pickup package from your family, friends, vendor, store etc. anywhere in India and ship it to yourDesiCart India Locker address for further perusal

Can you shop on my behalf in India?

yourDesiCart Personal Shoppers can shop on your behalf from anywhere in India and ship worldwide

Can you tailor-make my garments, customize Pooja Mandir, tailor make curtains?

We can facilitate anything in India and ship to you, just ask us !

Shop & Ship from India On The Go!