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Bring India to Your Doorstep Hassle Free!

Buy anything from anywhere in India and get items home delivered Worldwide.

Whether you’re an occasional shopper from India or a shopaholic, we’ve got you covered. Get your lifetime Indian Address (Locker) to store your purchases temporarily before getting them shipped Internationally. Shop and ship to yourDesiCart Locker, we will ship to you Worldwide.
Need shopping help in India? Try our Add-On services listed below.


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  • See What We Offer
  • FREE per shipment
    • Locker Address in India, to store your purchases temporarily
    • 30days of free storage, calculated from the day your first item arrives in Locker. More than 30 days – Rs.100 per day charged until shipped.
    • Shopping Recommendations & Shipping Eligibility checks
    • Fault Inspection of Items. 1 picture of each item is shared. Additional Photos/Videos Rs.100 per item
    • Consolidation of Packages arriving from various Add-On Services/Vendors in India
    • International Packing by discarding unnecessary packing material to save Shipping Costs
    • Customs Declaration & Paperwork (country-wise customs charges may apply at destination)
    • 3-7 days International Shipping

*Shipping Rates are subject to change every week due to fuel surcharge

Click Here – Estimated Country-wise Duty Free Limits – De Minimis Values

Add-On Services

You Buy We Ship

FREE per shipment
Shop by yourself from anywhere in India & ship to yourDesiCart India Locker

Personal Shopper

*299 + 4% of total personal shopped items + commute charges
We can shop on your behalf from any local or online store in India.

Package Pickup/DropOff within India

*499 domestic courier Rs.499 & up
We can facilitate package drop off/pickup from your requested location anywhere in India


*299 plus 4% of total tailoring charge
We assist with your custom tailoring needs. Your Tailors or our trusted Tailors

Shipment Protection

₹₹ Higher of Rs.1200 or 2% of shipment value
For complete peace of mind, protect your shipment using DHL optional services

Medicines - ON HOLD!

299 medicines administrative fees
Medicines shipment from India to your door, Currently this service is on hold.

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We offer services for affordable rates. Shop Smart Spend Less!

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Choose us for your hassle-free shopping needs from India

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We have Extensive Services to match all your shopping needs from India

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Great customer support via phone, chat and email. We are always available 24/7 - 365 Days

India-wide Reach

Our Personal shoppers are spread all over India

Committed & Enthuciastic

We are committed to bring India to your Home, anywhere in the World.